Lucky Guesses and Gut Instincts Might
Work for You, But Why Take That Risk?

Whether you are competing at the ballot box, in the marketplace, or in the courtroom, you need to be better prepared than your competition to win. At Cole Hargrave Snodgrass & Associates, we have more than 30 years of experience creating that strategic advantage for our clients across the nation.

Our highly skilled qualitative and quantitative research methods provide winning results for our clients, which include political candidates, corporations wanting to better understand their market advantage, and law firms working to win a high-profile case. We utilize our own call center to ensure the quality and accuracy of our data, and we skillfully review the results with each client so that data can be used to its full advantage.

We help our clients understand, change, and drive public sentiment.

Political Campaigns

Whether you are trying to win an election or pass a ballot initiative, today’s political climate is highly competitive and fierce. By understanding the voters’ mindset, you can better craft your messaging, and, when necessary, change that mindset. CHS’ nationally acclaimed quantitative and qualitative research makes it possible to understand constituent sentiments and how to use that information to communicate with any voter pool.

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Marketplace Research

If you’re a retailer looking to move a specific product, a trade association trying to grow membership, or a corporation working to increase your B2B sales, you need hard data to formulate and shape the trajectory of your plans. CHS’ various research for your marketplace could include qualitative and quantitative research to better understand and influence your target audience.

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Courtroom Research

If you need to support a change of venue request, better understand your jury pool, or develop the right messaging for your presentations in civil cases, having both qualitative and quantitative data at your fingertips can make a major difference. CHS’ decades of experience, combined with data we gather from our own call center, will give you that advantage against your courtroom competition.

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"Without the people at Cole Hargrave Snodgrass & Associates, I would not have been Governor. They planned my race, they executed my campaign and they made the difference. They are my confidants and my friends."

Frank Keating
Former Governor of Oklahoma

"From change of venue efforts to aiding with jury selection, CHS research has proven invaluable. When a client’s life has literally been on the line, I have trusted CHS research and will continue to do so."

Stephen Jones
Nationally recognized criminal defense attorney

"We rely on the expertise of CHS to allow us to be better marketers. They are professional at every turn, but what sets them apart is the insight that they provide from the data. Our strategy and messaging improve because of their work."

Tim Berney
VI Marketing and Branding | President, Brand Strategy

"Simply put, CHS polling is as good as it gets. Dependable numbers and the best, most complete analysis in the business today give you an exact snapshot of public opinion. Their tracking capabilities and quick analysis aloow us to make media decisions crucial to our clients' success. Without a doubt, CHS makes the difference in the campaigns we work in, and they make a lot of people winners."

Scott Howell, Howell & Company

"CHS knowledge of the Oklahoma electorate improves our data-driven messaging and helps us bridge the gap between policymakers and our grassroots network - the most important ingredient for success at AFP."

John Tidwell, AFP-Oklahoma


Optimism Continues to Grow

Optimism Continues to Grow

Sooner Survey: Volume 31 No. 6 May 15, 2019 | Historically, voter opinion about the direction of the state and of those involved in state government tend to worsen during the legislative session. In 2019, however, we see the opposite.

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Solid Support for Expansion…

Solid Support for Expansion…

Sooner Survey: Volume 31 No. 7 June 13, 2019 | This first publicly released polling regarding State Question 802 reminds me of the battle on SQ 779, the Boren sales tax initiative. The question starts with a lead, but it has vulnerabilities and likely can be defeated. However, that would just be one battle in a much larger war.

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Whether you are competing at the ballot box, in the marketplace, or in the courtroom, you need to be better prepared than your competition. Cole Hargrave Snodgrass & Associates will fight with you every step of the way.

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